Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks for all the comments

Thank you everyone who has emailed, linked to JellyCam, tweeted or blogged.  I thought only a few friends of mine were using it, but I guess that's what happens with this groovy internet thing.

A few people have asked about the watermark.  My intention was always to have a free version with the watermark and a paid version (for about £5) without it.  However with two kids and a brain-draining job I tend to sit zombie-like in front of the tellybox glugging wine instead of getting on with things.  (I'm on my second glass now, having just watched 'So you think you can dance?').

Now I know there are a few people outside of my facebook circle who like to dabble in a little JellyCam animation I shall endeavour to turn off the telly more often (I'll stick with the wine though, it helps my coding) and start on the long list of improvements.  Top of the list is including a way to add in sound and making a paid version without watermark.



  1. This was the question I was just going to ask. I have been using your software with students in North Carolina and they love it. They wanted to ability to add sounds and the watermark was a disappointment to them. I have been spreading the good word about your program to other teachers too.

    Think you can throw us yanks a bone and make the paid version $5 usd so we do not have to do any fancy conversion math ;)

    Thanks again.


  2. Hello Joe,

    I'm glad you like Jellycam and thanks for spreading the word. I'm going to take a few days off work soon, put my coding hat on and lock myself in a darkened room with the JellyCam source code.

    Hopefully (if the coding pixies are with me) I shall emerge with a method for adding sound and a version without the watermark.

    My fancy math(s) - an optional 's' for any brits reading - tells me that £5 would currently be $8.1435 which is a lovely number don't you think!

    Ok I might do some rounding.


  3. This JellyCam is really great!
    It's an easy way of doing stop-motion, and really works in childs education also.

    Two things you should change:

    1) when you duplicate, the second pic goes to the bottom. Should go just to the side of the one you duplicate. why? because you normally duplicate to have 2 of the same (make larger the time a pic is seen without having to enlarge the time for every pic).

    2)It should be possible to select pic's by shift+right arrow. So you dont need to click on every single pic you want to select.

    Good luck and I'm spreading the good word about your program too!

  4. Hi Chris, this is a great idea, thought me and my son would try some stop motion lego shorts, ( giving him some projects to do! ) and came across your jelly cam. I have installed v3 but when I click get camera the box opens up to select, but as I move my cursor to it, it goes so I can not select a camera. I have tried using keys and anything thing else I can think of! But still a great program, a lass not working for me yet.

  5. Hi and thx for this great App! Is there any chance to get the source code? I need to do my own small stopmotion-tool and would love to learn from yours. thanks!

  6. I really like it and use it mostly for lego stop motions and it's really great! (P.S. I sent an email about the sound befor i looked here, sorry)