Thursday, December 2, 2010

JellyCam gets its own blog

The JellyCam AIR app has been available for a while now and a couple of hundred people have downloaded it. I'll write a bit more about it and what's happened so far in the next post, but this is my "Hello world" post where I get accustomed to using Blogger and probably fart around far too long with fiddly design stuff.


  1. read a review about jellycam, have tried several times to install but it just asks me to try again. Any suggestions? would love to use it in class with my children.

  2. Hello,
    Sorry you've been having trouble. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. I'm at work at the mo, but I'll have a longer dig around this evening.

    JellyCam uses Adobe AIR (which is like the flash player for the desktop). When installing, JellyCam first checks to see if you already have AIR installed. If you don't, it tries to install it. It sounds like this bit isn't working.

    I googled the problem you mentioned for Adobe AIR and this link looks promising:

    If you try it let me know what happens, otherwise I'll look into it more once I've put the kids to bed tonight.

  3. Hello again, sorry for the delay
    I think it could be a couple of things. The easiest way to solve sees to be if I email you the file. If that's ok with you, you can email me here:

    ...and I'll reply attaching the file.


  4. When I was making a project with JellyCam on another computer, it worked fine. When I used a flash drive to transfer it to my laptop, it won't even open now. What happened?